Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's in a name?

As many of you may know I am very in love with Shakespeare... it's a deep love.. an I will name my potential children after his characters, enjoy discussing his plays, look for classes in which his name is in the title, kind of love. He is a genius and anyone who enjoys reading or writing can thank him, as he is to be attributed with just about every story plot in existence :)
So on this day I am choosing to use a line from his work to spark my blog topic... What's in a name?

Another fact many of you may know about me is that, while I may be proud of many things in my life, there is nothing I am more proud of than being a Duff. I love my last name, and no, it is not because it goes quite nicely with my first name, but because of everything the name Duff means. I don't mean the literal meaning, but what it has come to symoblize for me.

My grandpy was the kindest, most generous and loving man I have ever known. There was nothing more important to him than his family and instilling ethics of hard work and integrity within all five of his kids and all 11 of his grandkids. He passed away in 2004, but the love, compassion, and fabulous sense of humor he spread like fire to everyone around him will long outlive his time on earth. To me, being a Duff means that I come from a large, loud, beautiful family. We are all spread out, but when we get together, it's always a party and even through all the miles, the friendships I have formed with my aunts, uncles, and cousins are solid and invaluable.
Being a Duff also means I am a hard worker, I am respectful, I know the difference between right and wrong, and try my best to do the right thing, always, and that everywhere I go, I am bound to be asked one of three questions: "Are you a Duff?" "Are you Chris Duff's daughter?" or, my favorite, "Is your grandpa Max Duff?"

Names have always been important to me. I can remember playing the game in junior high and high school where I would spend the night with girlfriends and we would name our future children. Mine always had important, special meanings behind them, but of course now at 24, the names of my hypothetical children have completely changed, and harbour even more meaning and love than I could have fathomed at 14 or 18.
I have long considered hyphenating my name when I get married (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I think ahead.. far, far ahead) and it is because I am not quite ready to give up being a Duff, to stop signing Duff on checks and forms, to stop being a complete representation of who my grandpy was or will forever be.
While I have some time to change my mind, again, on the names of my future children or if there will be a hyphen in my name when I get married, there is one thing I know for sure today, that will never change; I love being me. I love being a Duff.

So, William Shakespeare asks, what's in a name? For me? A whole lotta love, pride, and accomplishment. (Thank you, Grandpy)

And for you, reader. . . What's in a name?

-Stephi D.


  1. :) made me cry! It is so important to know where you came from and to love your family!... family always will be <3

  2. I take tears as a high compliment :) family members are your first forever friends :) thank you for following my posts! means a lot <3