Monday, July 15, 2013

Fine Tuning a Heart

My first love has always been words when it comes to the creative process . . . the amount of words I put out into the world has waned and waxed over the last year or so, but my love for them hasn't ever really changed. I have realized, however, that sometimes there will be a scene you come across that words won't readily convey and I have realized that there will be a person, or two, who understands your heart in ways in which you never imagined.

A sunset won't always need words in order to give power to the majesty of a Father who paints something new each morning with His hands and a friendship can last a lifetime and the laughter will still be fresh, the memories will always be new, and its bonds will grow stronger - and words might not always do that justice, either.

Life changes, seasons come and go, and sometimes, people do, too. And words can offer comfort, they can provide warm memories, they will refresh a broken day. But pictures . . . they will always give color and add sparkle to the life unimagined.

A million moments in a day and we're always trying to memorize this life as it is going, going, gone . . . Here are a few of my one million moments and a few of the reasons my hearts finds a new song to sing - even in the midst of not knowing how to hum the tune.