Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a Thought. . .

This is my first official post on this blog. I have been considering doing this for a while and finally bit the bullet and did it! Most of you who will read this already know me, so I don't think an introduction is necessary. I will be using this to post different poems/pieces of writing I enjoy by others and probably some of my own.. I will also use this as window to share opinions and thoughts!

I recently joined the American Cancer Society as a Public Relations Assistant. Cancer is something that I believe plagues every one, whether they have experienced it first hand or not because it is such a lethal, nasty disease. I have not experienced cancer firsthand with family members in my life time, but there are a few people I know that have dealt with this. My grandma Arlene died long before I was even a thought in my mom's head to ovarian cancer, my grandma Sara is a breast cancer survivor, but I don't remember her struggle, and a very dear friend of mine is experiencing it through her amazing mother. I have seen the effects of her fighting this disease and it has been painful and heartbreaking to watch. Cancer was always something I hoped would be cured, but now, more than ever, I hope to be a part of the process to put an end to this hienous disease. The ACS has given me an unforeseen opportunity to make the community around me more aware of ways they can step up and help end the destruction cancer causes. I hope that in my lifetime I will be able to say I was a part of the unscalable community that brought more birthday celebrations each year.

Having joined this non profit I have seen a change come over me. I desperately want to be involved in as many non profits as I can be! In the next running season I am hoping to become a coach for Girls on the Run and I am attempting to begin green ideas for starting my own non profit. All of this can be attributed to my good friend, Angela Lewis, who has been an enormous help in opening doors and giving me inspiration. A primary reason I am hoping to start my own non profit is to be able to reach kids on a level outside of the classroom. If I can make a difference in a child's life in the way that my mom, family members, teachers, bosses, close friends, and mentors have made an imprint on mine, then I will be living a full life.
As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I am hoping that, daily, I can make a difference, whether small or large, in someone's life/day/mood. I am hoping that through my actions I can inspire others to attempt this goal as well... Just a thought..

What would you do today, to brighten a life?

-Stephi D.


  1. Thank you :) stay posted.. I'm going to try to write everyday!!

  2. So very proud of you Tet! Love you!