Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Is a Call . . .

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those - I'm still coming off the weekend that really kind of broke me, even though it's Tuesday, kind of days?

One of those - why am I working at the job I am working at - just who exactly thought I was qualified to do just this -- stand in front of children and teach them, nay, inspire them -- just who decided that?

One of those - never gonna be enough, enough, enough days where the up is down and the inside is out and is anyone really hearing what I say, I mean, really HEARING what I'm saying? And it's all just been enough.

Have you ever woken up tired, and hungry, and angry that you're waking up tired and hungry and just what was I doing last night in my sleep? Gymnastics? Why else would my feet hurt, my back ache, my body be aged twice its actual numeric value? Have you ever woken up that way?

Days filled with "I can't," "I won't," and "there is absolutely no way?" Mornings where the humidity is so savory and thick that you can swallow a piece of it before you get in your car and crank that fake, cool air so your make up doesn't slide off your face - and OOPS! - there's that blemish that took a couple, solid minutes to disguise.

Ever had a day where you just don't want to disguise? Because you're tired, you're coming off a weekend that wounded you, it's hot - so effing hot - and why exactly should you need to put make up on anyway when you're unseen and unheard and so fracking bad at what you were hired to do?!

Ever had one of those days?

This is a call for you.

This is a call to all the dead and disappointed, the ones who feel like they are done. This is a word to all the ones who feel forgotten that you. are. not.

I'm calling for you.

Because, in the midst of that day - where the air makes your hair frizz and you are raw and exposed and still so unseen - there will be a cross eyed little girl who whole heartedly believes she is beautiful in that yellow and brown sundress. And it's because she is.

Right smack dab in the middle of feeling left out, yet again, on those great moments where your heart will race and rip right out of your chest cavity in delighted passion - a child with the light of life in their eyes will write honestly and poetically, "I understand that God is real and He is so very good."

During a moment where you question just about everything you say and think and do - there will come a swift reminder that you were led to this point for some very particular reason - just you, in the middle of a classroom of happily working children - yes, you are right where you were called to be. This very moment.

Ever had one of those days, couple of days, weeks where the one place you need to be is the one place you're avoiding - because you're angry with Him and you don't know quite how to say that it is, in fact, so . . . mainly because you know those words whispered to you that Saturday night were actually right on point? "He's never up to anything but good."

Have one of those days and then crack open the worn, leather binding and have your heart explode all over the place . . .

"The Lord upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down." -Psalm 145:14

Have one of those days - where nothing seems to be going right, tears are just behind the next word that is spoken, and your chest is so tight it just might pop any moment . . .

This is a call for you.

You are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are . . .

quite possibly low

maybe having a bad day

angry, mad, and fuming.

You are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are . . .

being lifted up

living with purpose

His, His, His.

Ever have one of those days? Yeah, me, too. . .

This is a call for you - you desperate, you weary, you so mad-I can't see straight- type of people.

I hear you. Oh, do I hear you. And I see you, too.

 But so does He.

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  1. Beautifully written and encouraging. I had a similar day yesterday and tears did run down my face in the back room of our store. Thanks for sharing this word. It strengthens me to face today.