Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kissy-kissy, smoochie-smoochie

Hey, lovelies! So this isn't a normal blog post because I am asking for your help!! I am getting ready to do some serious work on my second non-fiction essay and I need some opinions :) My focus is going to be kissing/affection. Some questions: what do these two things mean to you? Would you consider yourself an affectionate person? HIf so how do you classify "affection"? Were you raised in a "touchy/feely" environment? Do you think this determines how a person will be in future relationships? I am sure I could come up with more, but you get the gust. Give me your thoughts! Chaste, dirty . . . I like it all! Thanks for the help, in advance. Love to all you pretty people, Stephi D.


  1. Well I know we talked about this a little bit in class, but I'll contribute here: Like I told you my family doesn't kiss on the mouth but we're big huggers! My mom said just the other day that my dad still hugs me like I'm his little girl - and he'll often kiss me on the cheek, but that's on special occasions, like my wedding day - and there's a fabulous picture of this!

    I grew up hearing my parents 'smooching' before bed, they kiss each other several times before bed each night, and that's how I would describe it - big smoochy kisses. My husband and I would always kiss each other three times (I'm not sure why) when we were dating. I've not really noticed if we still do this, but we did it at "you may kiss the bride" and everyone laughed at us, because it was really loud!

    My husband kisses our cat Sammy at least a dozen times a day, which I think is quite funny; and my mother is the same way with her cats, Whiskers and Mimi. I didn't grow up with animals (my parents got their two cats only recently) so the thought of kissing a cat was always funny, but I now know I really like it! I just think it's kind of funny.

    Well I've rambled on...I just think this is such a cool idea and can't wait to read it in class! Good luck working on it :)

  2. Thank you so much, Jade! Your comments have given me some ideas to go with for my piece! I really appreciate your sharing and I'm excited to share some drafts with you soon :)